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Boxes for Removals (And other Packing Materials)

We stock everything you will require for an efficient & safe move for you and your possessions.

Our Box Shop is located in Brookvale and we recommend you pop in in the weeks prior to your move to get everything you need. We can advise you on the approximate numbers of packing cartons and other materials you will require – relative to the size of your home or office. Come in and see us we are here to help you make your move fast, safe and efficient.

Sydney removal boxesMoving Boxes Sydney and Packing Gear – We offer:

Packing Boxes for Moving: –

  • Tea Chests (Standard Moving Boxes/ Cartons)
  • Boxes designed for Books or heavier items
  • Boxes designed for Pictures
  • Wine Boxes (For your wine collection)
  • Boxes for Clothing (‘Port-a-Robes’)
  • Storage Boxes

Associated Packing Necessities: –
boxes packing materials

  • Bubblewrap (To protect all high value items – and for delicate surfaces on furniture – highly recommended)
  • Butchers Paper (To pack china, glass and any other fragile items for a safe move). Note, using newspaper may leave ink stains on your goods.
  • Tape – (A good variety to suit all purposes.)
  • Tape Dispensers (Speed up the application of tape.)
  • Plastic Covers – Lounge Covers & for other upholstered furniture.
  • Plastic Mattress Covers (Protect from stains and dust).

Recycled Boxes for Packing & Storage?

We do offer recycled cartons (second hand boxes). Our cartons are great quality and can be used multiple times. However, for overseas or interstate moves we recommend you get brand new boxes.

Box Shop Sydney Opening Hours & Location

Mon-Fri: 7am to 4.30pm
Sat: 7am till noon
Sunday: Closed

Old Pittwater Road
Sydney, NSW

Call: 02 9907 3139

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Well once again the boys from Man and His Van, did an outstanding job

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